How can you help


Contacting UsContacting us with your stories

If you or anyone you know worked in Britain’s industries any time from the 1930’s to the 1990’s we would love to hear from you.  We’re looking for people who worked in the shipyards and  the steelworks, in  textile mills and clothing manufacturers,  mines and quarries,  forges and foundries, pressing and rolling metal,  blacksmithing,  building and repairing steam locos, making nuts and bolts,  chains and castings and in engineering and manufacturing firms large and small.  Wherever you worked and whatever your job was your stories are important.  Ask for Kathryn, she’ll have a chat with you and then try to arrange a time to come and film your memories with you in the comfort of your own home.

Share PicturesSharing your pictures

Maybe you have old pictures or footage that you want to be able to share with others? We can look after your archive for you and make it available on the website for others to learn and benefit from. It would still be yours and you could take it back at any time.


Keeping Us Informed

Keeping us informed

If you know of any old sites or workings that may be on the verge of closure we can try to get to them so at least they can be remembered on film.  It could be businesses that are still going strong but who use older, more traditional machinery.  We’re also very interested in how industrial machinery works and the processes that take place.   As these machines and processes disappear it’s important to take a record of how things work and how goods are produced.



Becoming a Volunteer

The industrial History Trust has been set up and is run entirely by volunteers but there are not enough to carry out our important work around the country. The trust needs people like you to join our team and get involved. With your support an important part of our history will be preserved. There are various ways you can get involved:

Research and Interviews
Do some research for us to find individuals and groups of people in your area who would be prepared to be interviewed about their working lives.

Become a local representative or speaker
Representing the charity to community groups, libraries, local history associations and local businesses, you will become an ambassador for the Trust in your area. You can help by presenting to local organisations that might be interested in working with us and supporting us and by identifying funding opportunities to carry out locally based projects.

Set up a fundraising group
Fundraising groups are vital to us if we are to carry out our work. You can get involved with the Trust by helping to organise fundraising events in your area. As well as raising money for our work, you will also raise awareness of who we are and what we do.


DonationMaking a Donation

We are entirely dependent on donations to enable us to undertake the important work of recording our industrial past. Researching and filming interviews, industrial sites and processes to broadcast quality standard is an expensive business.  If you share with us a belief in the importance of the work we are doing you can help us by making a donation.  Your help is vitally important and no gift is too large or too small. £5 pays for the tape stock for one interview; £20 covers the cost of travelling 120 miles to film it; £200 pays for a one day shoot in which we can film up to four interviews.

Yes I want to make a donation to the industrial History Trust to help it to add an interview to its archive.


SupporterBecoming a supporter of the Industrial History Trust

To support the Industrial History Trust and help fund our work on an ongoing basis you can join our Supporter Scheme by making a regular donation. This is a vital source of funding. We need regular donations from our supporters to enable the Trust to be run successfully and to expand.  Maintaining the website and keeping it up to date, working with schools and with the elderly, setting up community based projects and the promotion of the trust and its aims are all activities that rely on regular donations.  Whatever the amount, it can help us to build and maintain the archive, support special projects in the community and deliver innovative learning, research and conservation programmes.  As a thank you for your support we will send you a “Fred Dibnah’s World” DVD and a twice yearly email newsletter.

I wish to become a supporter